Sage Lemongrass 4.5oz Soap Bar

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Women and men find the scent of Sage Lemongrass irresistible. Clary sage essential oil, often used in the art of perfumery, contributes a fresh, earthy scent. Lemongrass essential oil lends its clean, lemony aroma. No B.O. Additionally, clary sage and lemongrass essential oils are considered natural deodorants. They are excellent alternatives to environmentally unfriendly triclosan in those heavily marketed antibacterial, detergent bars, and body washes. Rest assured, all Herbaria soaps will not only wash away dirt and germs but leave your skin healthy and well moisturized from added hemp seed oil. Contains • saponified olive oil and/or rice bran oil, palm kernel oil, and soy oil • glycerin • clary sage essential oil • ground sage • hemp seed oil • lemongrass essential oil • orange essential oil


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